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Wire Services (also called News Agencies) 1) Gatekeepers: those who make decisions about what news is reported o Assignment editors: tell reporters what stories to cover, these people make the initial decisions about what becomes news 2) Agenda-setting o The people who tell us what to think about, which news is most important for which certain groups o Ex. Paris Hilton, Anna Nicole Smith We all know them but what did they do for us? o Ex. Famous scientists who all won the Nobel prize They have changed our lives but we don’t know who they are 3) Wire services transmit our social heritage o o 4) PROBLEM: o Domination of wire services as sources of news can result in standardized
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Unformatted text preview: news because most newspapers cannot afford to subscribe to more than one wire service ← Pulitzer Prize • Named after Joseph Pulitzer o Given to journalists who write the “very best” news stories of the year (given annually) ← Newspapers: • Associated Press: AP straight from associated press • Reuters British • Agence France-Presse • Interfax Russian, formerly called Tass ← Must make a profit, but also serve the public interest • Many small newspapers have gone bankrupt or will go bankrupt because you can read the news online for free o Ex. Philadelphia Daily News, Chicago Sun-Times ← ←...
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