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Golden Age of Movies o Decline U.S. vs. Paramount (look above) McCarthy Era House un-American Activities Committee Hurt movie business badly Writers, directors & actors suspected of being Communist were blacklisted Edward R. Murrow exposed Joe McCarthy as a fraud o TV- led to decline of movies as family entertainment Prices of movies have gone up Now you can watch movies on television From Censorship to Ratings o 1915 U.S. Supreme Court Movies are not covered under the First Amendment Freedom of speech does not pertain to movies o 1930 Hays office established the Motion Picture Production Code 1930-1953 Films had to have Code’s “seal of approval” in order to be
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Unformatted text preview: shown in U.S. movie theatres o Early 1950’s Hollywood began to change How to compete with television Extravaganza Only way to have people leave their homes was to make very elaborate productions with singing, dancing etc. Ex. Singin’ in the Rain Burstyn vs. Wilson (The Miracle) The plot of the movie was banned by entire state of N.Y. Case went to the Supreme Court and… U.S. Supreme Court held that movies are protected by first amendment • Believing that movies are ideas, & those ideas should be protected by 1 st Amendment ← ←...
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