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Elvis Presley Covers (remake of song) White person’s cover of black musician’s song out of market o Ex. Hound dog was written by black woman The Beatles Came to U.S. 1963 Not only their music, but also their style caught on very quickly Mostly performed standard love songs for first few years (ex. I Wanna Hold Your Hand) Their families were from middle-lower class o They taught themselves how to play instruments Wrote ballads (songs that tell stories) Sound of Silence, Bridge Over Troubled Water They broke up, but Simon continued to look around the world for folk music o Found a group in Africa he loved o Expanded horizon for music Jimi Hendrix Very famous for song “Purple Haze”
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Unformatted text preview: • Did not live very long, but still greatly influenced music ← The Rolling Stones • The R&B rock group that has been together the longest ← Jim Morrison & The Doors • “Light My Fire” ← Holly Near • Sung about problems in South America ← Elvis Costello • “Radio, Radio” o Angry song about the radio, very resentful towards radio industry • *Symbiotic: when 2 organisms coexist & benefit from each other o radio & music industry he wishes musicians were not as dependant on radio ← LARGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHAT WOMEN & MEN SUNG ABOUT • Men: girls or cars • Women: more intense/serious topics, world problems • But, more popular topics were famous so what does that say? ←...
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Mass Communication and Culture_Dee_Date_031810 - • Did...

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