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Off-network syndication If there are 100+ episodes of a series, after they have aired twice on the network, the producer sells them in syndication (ex. Everybody Loves Raymond) First-run syndication If a program is sold directly to local TV stations, it is “first-run” syndication (ex. Oprah) Super station An independent TV station that uplinks its signal to a communication satellite so that cable viewers anywhere in the United States can watch Ted Turner was first person to think of super stations Vertical Integration COMPLETELY LEGAL Disney owns Walt Disney Pictures (movies) ABC TV network (broadcast TV) o ESPN (cable TV) o Disney Channel (cable TV) Gender Stereotyping in Children’s Books o Lenore Weitzman (1972) analyzed 18 Caldecott prize-winning books o
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Unformatted text preview: • Problems exist with commercials targeting children o Stereotype what children should be doing, toys they should be playing with o Creates tension when parents say no to buying a product o Teach an unrealistic view of the world to children • *Para social relationship: media relationship in which the viewer has the illusion that his/her friendship with a media personality is real o ex. General Hospital, people are angry about a situation & they send letters to the character, not the writers of the TV show • Children think that if superman can fly & lift a car (situation in Malasia) then they can to… many children have been hurt this way or have died • ADDICTION TO TV o 1/3 of children said they would give up Dad over • However, TV is not always bad. .. o Teaches lessons ← V-Chips (violence chips) • TV sets required to be made with V-Chips...
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Mass Communication and Culture_Dee_Date_041310 - •...

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