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VIDEO: Americans Industrial Revolution Mass production led to need for mass demand – led to need for advertising to create demand for mass-produced goods o Part of our culture based on the idea that for ex. if a company makes 1,000 widgets one year, the following year they must increase the output & therefore the profit Conspicuous consumption The idea of keeping up with the Jones’ So your neighbors and friends can see what you own *People are encouraged to create their own identities based on the products that they buy, very materialistic BACK TO TV: Product placement o Attempt by advertisers to counteract influence of TiVo
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Unformatted text preview: Product integration o Integrate a product into a script, form of advertising Ex. drinking coca cola in a happy scene Infomercials o Program-length TV commercials Subliminal Messages in Advertising o Messages that go straight beyond the reach of personal awareness – the subconscious o Subliminal messages are legal in print media Only illegal in broadcast TV & radio o Proprietary Paid for Advertising agencies are paying market researchers to find out how affective a specific ad campaign has been Because of this, data/results are privately owned & therefore not known to the public ← ←...
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