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Mass Communication and Culture_Dee_Date_051810

Mass Communication and Culture_Dee_Date_051810 - a big deal...

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REALITY OF ABUSE Most frequent victims of abuse on TV: older women Most frequent victims in real life: young men ages 16-24 Erotica Involves consenting adults in mutually pleasing relationships Pornography Involved abuse of power, usually men abusing women or children Meese Commission Report Compiles many research studies Found casual relationship between viewing violent pornography & committing violence against women in real life VERY strong statement to say there is a causal relationship PROTECT Act It’s a crime to offer, solicit or posses images of children, whether computer generated or real *Effects of pornography when legalized in Denmark – 1970 Rate of rape increased Overall rate of sex offenses went down because people did not think flashing etc. was
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Unformatted text preview: a big deal ← Roth vs. United States: • 1957, obscenity is NOT protected by the 1 st amendment ← *Miller vs. California – 1973 • Whether or not a work is obscene is determined by the “contemporary community standards” • Average person gets to decide… average person is who is sitting on a jury • Prosecutor gets a jury and they determine if it is obscure or not ← Broadcasting: Indecency • 1978 FCC vs. Pacifica o George Carlin’s “Seven Dirty Words You Can’t Say on TV” • 1995 o FCC fined Infinity Broadcasting Howard Stern’s syndicator: $1.7 million for indecent comments that Howard Stern had made...
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