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Measurement and Statistics_Dasch_Date__030110

Measurement and Statistics_Dasch_Date__030110 - o if the...

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Graphs - histograms: picture of the frequency distribution of the data is the histogram normally distributed, positively skewed, or negatively skewed? - boxplots (or box and whisker diagram): graphs data set and shows outliers thick black line in the middle represents the median box represents the interquartile range (middle 50% of the data) whiskers represent other 50% of the data (25% in each direction) - bar graphs: depicts the mean of each variable can also show the 95% confidence interval with error bars
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Unformatted text preview: o if the error bars do not overlap, they are statistically different ← ← In SPSS ←- open data set ←- “Graphs” ←- chart builder ←- select graph • histogram drag variable onto x-axis o for gender split histograms, drag gender into Gender Split box • boxplot drag variable onto y-axis o for gender split boxplots, drag gender onto x-axis • simple bar graph in element properties, select Bar 1 and click display error bars (make sure 95% confidence interval is selected) ←...
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