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Measurement and Statistics_Dasch_Date__030310

Measurement and Statistics_Dasch_Date__030310 - ← rename...

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Graphs cont'd Clustered Bar Graph - used for independent means each bar represents a different group of people Simple Bar Graph - for related means - compare 95% confidence interval with error bars - drag all measured variables onto y-axis - rename x and y axis element properties make sure you hit apply after naming Clustered Bar Graph - for mixed designs - one set between subjects and one set within subjects repeated measures and clustered by some other variable (i.e. group)
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Unformatted text preview: ←- rename x and y axis Line Chart- looking at interactions- graphing means Scatterplots- graphs mass relationships- for regression line: double click on graph then click “fit line” button- grouped scatterplot • add regression line “fit line with subgroups” ← ←- 3D scatterplots graph relationships between 3 variables ← ←- matrix scatterplots allow us to compare 3 variables against each other at once (comes up with 9 mini scatterplots) ← ←...
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