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Measurement and Statistics_Dasch_Date__042110

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Test Review 2 example multiple choice: 1) In a regression model with hours spent sleeping predicting mood, you find the unstandardized beta for hours spent sleeping to be 2, which indicates: for every 1 additional hour someone sleeps, their mood will be 2 points higher 2) When conducting an independent t-test, you find that the Levene’s test is significant. You then conclude: there is a significant difference between the means. -When you are talking about standardized betas, must look at absolute value of that beta.
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Unformatted text preview: ← ←- only formula you need to use is effect size ← ←- but know all of the other formulas (there will be questions about them, but you will not need to use them to solve problems) ← ←- want sum of squares of the model to be as big as possible and sum of squares of the error to be small ← ←- f ratio is how much of the variance is explained by the model compared to how much of the variance is not explained by the model ←...
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