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Nutrition Concepts_Collison_Date__031110 - Chapter 6...

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Chapter 6 continued… Protein: Amino Acids Preview of Protein Metabolism A. Protein turnover and amino acid pool 1. Continual production and destruction 2. Amino acid pool pattern is fairly constant -Used for protein production -Used for energy-if stripped of nitrogen B. Nitrogen Balance 1. Zero nitrogen balance Nitrogen intake= nitrogen output 2. Positive and negative nitrogen balance -Person growing, pregnant woman=in positive nitrogen balance because taking in more protein than excreting -Burn patients, traumatic injuries, malnutrition= in negative nitrogen balance C. Making other compounds 1. Neurotransmitters 2. Melanin (converted from tyrosine) 3. Thyroxin 4. Niacin *Body cannot make glucose from fatty acids D. Energy and Glucose 1. Wasting of lean body tissues -Adequate intake of carbohydrates and fats E. Making fat 1. Energy and protein exceed needs 2. Carb intake is adequate 3. Can contribute to weight gain F. Deaminating amino acids 1. Stripped of nitrogen-containing amino group -NH 2 converted to Ammonia (NH 3 ), liver converts Ammonia to Urea, which then goes to kidneys and is excreted in urine -Keto acids *Complete proteins have all of essential amino acids (ex’s: soy, meat, etc) G. Make proteins and nonessential amino acids
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Nutrition Concepts_Collison_Date__031110 - Chapter 6...

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