Principles of Finance_Biederman_Date_030110

Principles of Finance_Biederman_Date_030110 - Charles Elson...

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Charles Elson Presentation on Corporate Governance Corporate Governance - Once the $ is there how do you set up relationships with organizations where the $ is spend - Delaware legal home to 80% largest public companies in U.S. because has a good system because best business minded judges William Allen: thought decisions he made would affect structure - How do my decisions impact financial business? - Idea: bring judiciary/DE together with rest of world History:(theory behind governance) - Every investor wants a good return on your money - How do we structure/ensure you get money back with profit to ensure continued investing in economy - Free market economy: depending on private lending - Investor is afraid that person might misuse $ (example: stealing, foolishness—should worry about sleaziness and slothiness) o 1 st - thief, 2 nd - fool - Can prevent this by following person around but this is very time consuming - Board of directors used to be shareholders selected by other shareholders o Now smaller groups with time and inclination to monitor
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Principles of Finance_Biederman_Date_030110 - Charles Elson...

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