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Principles of Finance_Biederman_Date_031010 - Health...

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Health services graph - Promised won’t increase price so either allocate services or subsidize o Allocate services to make up the gap o Subsidize for higher deficits o Increase demand if pass legislation Public to cost= unchanged but have to make it up so get money from other sources Financial statements slides - Earnings per share= Net income/ Average # shares outstanding o Net income is before adjustments in accounting treatment or onetime events - Certifying statements o Auditor do not guarantee the accuracy of earnings but only the statements are fair financial representation Look at handouts: 1. Many accounting practices… 2. Confused about earnings Know about market-to-market account Gaap, rap, tax, books and Ifers - U.S. is going to switch to foreign standards Performa earnings- “as if/”economic” earnings Potential problems/limitations of financial ratio analysis - Comparison with industry average is difficult for a conglomerate firm that operates in many different divisions
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Principles of Finance_Biederman_Date_031010 - Health...

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