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Look over these slide numbers 5-1 4-3 (basic definitions) 4-5 (formula of TVM on calc)—FV= PV (1+R) t 4-14 (PV=FV/(1+R) t ) Example: 5 years at 10% interest $1000 invested FV= $1610.51, if invested semiannual compound interest: FV=$1628.89 (I/Y = ½ before) PV= 1000 N=5 I/Y=10 PV=1000 N=10 I/Y=5 5-41 (APR slides) 5-40 (EAR—“true interest”) 5-11 (how to use calc. Cash flow—NPV= $1413.19, NFV= $3134.92)
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Unformatted text preview: Put # in I under NPV—IPR (CPT) MIRR= ‘MOD’ on calculator 5-17 (Annuities and Perpetuities) 5-19 PV=0 PMT=100 N=6 I/Y=6 Solve for FV= 697.53 PV= 491.73 5-38 Power of Compounding A) Save $1000/year (tax deferred) until 60 B) “ “ until 65 (more $)...
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