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Principles of Finance_Biederman_Date_032410

Principles of Finance_Biederman_Date_032410 - WSJ Articles...

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WSJ Articles to read 3-19 “Treasury’s debt insurance man” & “Treasury sales announced” C9 3-20/21 “No recession in DC” A3 “HealthCare crossroads” A14 3-22 “interest rate deals sting cities/states” A1 “public pension deficits” A19 “buying on the death of inflation” C2 3-23 “Money rates” C10 3-24 “Rejected” D1ff “National Frugal League” D8 Slides - Capital Market Securities also fixed—income securities - Bond contract, face value= bond value Zero coupon bond= treasury stricts (sp?) Call- issuer of bond bad the right to returns early “calling to me” Convertible provision- bond now but if something (stuff) happens then can convert it to a stock - Securities and Unsecured bonds slide o Mortgage= most common type of secured bond o Federal government= biggest player in the debt business o Corporations can borrow in full faith of company Senior debt > Junior > subordinate (order of who gets paid 1 st ) - Major bond types slide o Bill- 1 year or less when issued o
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