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Problems of Corrections_Fleury-Steiner_Date__021510 -...

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The Middle Ages: The Rise of the Monarchy Wergeld was replaced by the Friedensgald – administration of punishment became responsibility of the king o No longer private problems Punishments: Death = capital punishment Deterrence Corporal Punishment – any physical pain except death Often matched to crime – proportionality Liar’s tongue cut off Thieves’ hands cut off Ducking stool Flogging The bird cage – prisoners suspended until confession The pillory Early prisons Detention = not new concept o Prison was new in its ambitious goals Imprisonment for “punishment in and of itself” Christian churches as places of confinement o Penitence – beg for forgiveness from God Dawn of the 18 th Century: Age of Enlightenment Broke with the King and Divine law o The essential dignity and imperfections in human beings Montesquieu and Voltaire: the French humanists challenge “elite notions of law” o Human flaws o Punishment moderate as much as possible
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Problems of Corrections_Fleury-Steiner_Date__021510 -...

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