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Problems of Corrections_Fleury-Steiner_Date_022410 -...

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Documentary Notes – Angola Prison Hope support and belief in redemption of the warden of America’s toughest prison challenges popular thinking about prisoners as incapable of positive personal change o The will to survive and the resilience of the human spirit o Self-driven education o Leadership and mentoring o Deepened spiritual faith o Deepened sense of personal responsibility for criminal behavior Angola as the only “family” one has ever known ( the elderly prisoner who chooses to be buried at Angola) The fact of “prison as a primary social support” highlights: o The grim legacy of racism and poverty in the South o Gross over representation of blacks, poor men o Lack of policies that address persistence poverty and racial segregation Post Civil War Prisons: The South Penitentiary system was wiped out by war “new slaves” – states tried to compensate by “leasing out” prisoners to companies south’s agrarian economy exploited cheap labor large portion of prisoners were from the plantations with little influence or
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Problems of Corrections_Fleury-Steiner_Date_022410 -...

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