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Problems of Corrections_Fleury-Steiner_Date_031210

Problems of Corrections_Fleury-Steiner_Date_031210 - The...

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The Challenge of Prisons Who are the offenders and what are we expected to do with them? Evil and must be destroyed? (punishment) Out of touch with god…need repentence? (reform) Uneducated and ill-trained to function in society? (education) Sick and in need of being cured? (medical models of corrections) Products of community pressure and the lack of opportunity? (reintegration) Competing prison systems in the US The Pennsylvania System Early attempt at a reform model penitentiary o Total silence o Solitary work Challenges of Implementing the Pennsylvania System Walnut Street Jail Fails o Overcrowding o Corruption o Disease Radical redesign o The Western Penitentiary at Pittsburgh Cellular design Extreme isolation of prisoners o 1829: Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary opens The Auburn System (NY) sharp contrast with Eastern Penitentiary o much cheaper to build o new style of discipline = congregate system solitary confinement for punishment
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  • Spring '06
  • Haas
  • vocational training, Eastern State Penitentiary, Sir Walter Crofton, Solitary work Challenges, intense forced labor

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