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On the Inside (part 2) Custody Defined Across Levels of Prison Security Refers to the level of immediate control exercised over inmates within correctional institutions: o Supermax o Maximum o High, medium, or minimum Custody Staff Interact with inmates on a day to day basis Range from major down to line officer Impact inmates most intensely Line or “gallery” Staff A security staff member who directly supervises prisoners Key Concept – Prisoner as “Security Risk” Prisoner cannot be trusted to move from one area to another without being escorted by a correctional officer Justifications for Categorization: o Risk of assault on officers or prisoners o Escape risk o Member of prison gangs o Highly violent o Severe mental health issues
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Unformatted text preview: Search for Contraband • Any item or quantity of an item not specifically authorized by the institutional rules Lockdown • Confinement of all inmates to their cells in order to avoid bloodshed, violence, or riot, or to conduct cell-by-cell searches for contraband. Frisk Search • Procedure to explore the clothing and person of an inmate to detect contraband or prevent escape • When is it conducted? o Prisoners enter or leave an institution o Prisoner has contact with visitors o Officers have reason to suspect prisoners have contraband Keestering • Prisoner technique for hiding contraband in open body cavities Riots • Acts of force by inmates against persons or property...
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Problems of Corrections_Fleury-Steiner_Date_040710 - Search...

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