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Problems of Corrections_Fleury-Steiner_Date_042110

Problems of Corrections_Fleury-Steiner_Date_042110 - act...

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Do Prisoner’s Have Rights? Depends on the level of security Common prisoner Rights o Receive visitors o Use of mail o Worship in prison o Access to court and counsel o Receive medical treatment and care Key Terms Deliberate indifference to medical needs Section 1983, 42 US Code Inmate grievance procedure Inmate grievance board Collateral consequences Social stigma Expungement Deliberate Indifference Willful determination to ignore the medical needs of a particular inmate More than merely intentional, it indicates that the correctional official chose not to
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Unformatted text preview: act, taking the consequences of inaction into account in a deliberate choice or plan Rights on the Inside: The Grievance Board • A governmental or representational body that reviews complaints against the correctional system or personnel for an injury, wrong, or injustice because it is unjust, discriminatory, and oppressive. o Barrier to gainful employment in a restricted trade, etc....
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