Problems of Corrections_Fleury-Steiner_Date_042310

Problems of Corrections_Fleury-Steiner_Date_042310 - Felon...

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Felon Disenfranchisement in Perspective Approx 3.9 mil americans have permanently lost the right to vote 13% of Af Am male population are disenfranchised (7 times national average) state racial impact trends o in Alabama and Florida, 31% of all Af Am men are permanently disenfranchised o in Delaware, 20% of all Af American men are permanently disenfranchised Other “collateral consequences” of a conviction: approximately 14 million people living in the US have a felony conviction other disqualifications that may result from a conviction o to hold office of public trust o jury service o own firearms o marriage license Wiping the record clean? Expungement court process by which a record of criminal conviction is destroyed or sealed after expiration of time controversy o expensive/PA costs $6,000 to have your record expunged, even if you’ve been exonerated of all chargers o expungement takes many years Relevant Prisoner Rights Legislation:
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Problems of Corrections_Fleury-Steiner_Date_042310 - Felon...

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