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Research Methods Methods Used o Most experiments out there today are non-experimental Clinical Research o Case Study - Ex: “Super-Size Me” (Single-Subject Designs) Studies one person over a period of time Very detailed; records are kept Valid?? high internal validity, low external validity o Correlational Research o Experimental Research Validity Internal Validity: control and causality o To establish causality, eliminate third party variables External Validity: generalizability o You can’t design the perfect study because external validity and internal validity are often competing o Whether the study can be generalized to the population as a whole Confounds: Scientific Con Men Vary with IV and DV Threaten internal validity AKA: third variables AKA: nuisance variables
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Unformatted text preview: Investigate Control Confounds vs. Noise o Confound varies systematically with IV o Noise can water-down results but does not mislead you o Noise does not have to happen to everyone, whereas confounds have to happen to everyone in the experiment People are Different (another potential threat to validity Experimental Control Selection Bias o Technology Survey Non-response Bias o Should participation in class discussions be graded? People who do not participate wont voice their opinions People Change History Maturation many disorders appear differently depending on age Regression Towards the Mean extreme scores on either end go towards the mean over time...
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