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Research Methods Methods Used o Most experiments out there today are non-experimental Clinical Research o Case Study - Ex: “Super-Size Me” (Single-Subject Designs) Studies one person over a period of time Very detailed; records are kept Valid?? high internal validity, low external validity o Correlational Research o Experimental Research Validity Internal Validity: control and causality o To establish causality, eliminate third party variables External Validity: generalizability o You can’t design the perfect study because external validity and internal validity are often competing o Whether the study can be generalized to the population as a whole Confounds: Scientific Con Men Vary with IV and DV Threaten internal validity AKA: third variables AKA: nuisance variables
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Unformatted text preview: • Investigate • Control • Confounds vs. Noise o Confound – varies systematically with IV o Noise – can water-down results but does not mislead you o Noise does not have to happen to everyone, whereas confounds have to happen to everyone in the experiment People are Different (another potential threat to validity • Experimental Control • Selection Bias o Technology Survey • Non-response Bias o Should participation in class discussions be graded? People who do not participate won’t voice their opinions People Change • History • Maturation – many disorders appear differently depending on age • Regression Towards the Mean – extreme scores on either end go towards the mean over time...
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