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Exam #1 Review Topics 1. History (Ch. 1) 2. Paradigms (Ch. 2) 3. Assessment and Diagnosis (Ch. 3) 4. Research Methods (Ch. 4) Assessment and Diagnosis (Ch. 3) Structure o Categorical DSM is mostly categorical o Dimensional o Etiological DSM is a categorical approach (you either have a symptom or you don’t), i.e. gender, race, ethnicity, what building you are in on campus DSM includes 1 axis on a dimensional approach – Axis V – range from 0-100, a continuous variable o Ex: A doctor wants to revise DSM and wants to rate people based on how often they’re displaying severe symptoms and if you score between a certain range of numbers you have severe mental illness Etiology o Whole complex picture of cause o DSM does not have a section on this Paradigms (Ch. 2) Cognitive and Behavioral o Operant Conditioning Positive and Negative Reinforcement Positive – giving something good
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Negative – taking away something bad Punishment o
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Psychopathology_Fowles_Date__030410 - Exam#1 Review Topics...

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