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Ch. 5 – Anxiety Disorders Case Study Personal experience Myths Etiology Treatment Case Study: Tommy 15 year old white male Referral Info o Hospitalized for seizure secondary to water intoxication o Sent to residential treatment following stabilization o Feeding tube Background o Middle child of middle class white family o Straight A student o Very active in church; “peacemaker” Diagnostic Symptoms o Drinks extreme amounts of water o Has to drink whenever he passes a water fountain o Ruminates about drinking water o Unusual eating habits (what he eats, how he eats, what he eats on, etc.) o Hyper-religious (compelled to do it) Believes he has sinned Repetitive prayers Focus on obedience
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Unformatted text preview: o Perfectionism – school, scouts, family • Diagnosed with OCD – also driven to Anorexia which was driven by his OCD Myths about OCD • TV Show: Monk • Howard Hughes (Aviator) Etiology - OCD • Neurobiological o Orbitofrontal cortex o Anterior cingulated o Caudate nucleus • Cognitive-behavioral o Compulsions reduce anxiety and are thus reinforcing (self-reinforcing) o Thought suppression Treatment – OCD • Exposure and Response Prevention (Meyer, 1966, March and Mule 1998) • Sequence of Therapy o Identify obsessions and compulsions o Challenge irrational beliefs o Train response prevention o Relapse prevention...
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