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Psychopathology_Fowles_Date__031610 - Somatoform Disorders...

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Dissociative and Somatoform Disorders Dissociative Disorders Sudden disruption in the continuity of o Consciousness o Memory o Identity Dissociation o Some aspect of cognition or experience becomes inaccessible to consciousness Avoidance response 4 Forms o Dissociate Amnesia Memory loss, typically of a stressful experience o Dissociative Fugue Memory loss accompanied by leaving home and establishing a new identity o Depersonalization Disorder Alteration in the experience of the sense of self; “out of body” experience o Dissociative Identity Disorder: at least 2 distinct personalities that act independently from each other Some people question whether this is a real disorder Research suggests that most people experiencing this have experienced some sort of abuse or tragedy in their past The differences between the personalities is very stark, like 2 different people and often times there is no knowledge of each other Some people use D.I.D. as an insanity plea in a trial
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Unformatted text preview: Somatoform Disorders • Psychological problems take a physiological form o “Soma” means body • Bodily symptoms have no known physical cause • Not intentionally produced or under voluntary control • Individuals seek medical, not psychological treatment o Become distresses when no medical cause is found • 7 Forms o Pain Disorder Pain that’s brought on and maintained by psychological factors o Body Dysmorphic Disorder Preoccupation with imagined or exaggerated defects in physical appearance o Hypochondriasis Preoccupation with fears of having a serious illness o Somatization Disorder Recurrent, multiple physical complaints having no biological basis o Conversion Disorder Sensory or motor symptoms without any physiological cause o Malingering Physical incapacity faked to avoid responsibility o Facetious Disorder Intentionally produced symptoms...
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