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Mood Disorders: Suicide Shock Therapy Video Depressed patient decides to try shock therapy Became depressed shortly after her son was born and still was after 5 years First suicide attempt (OD on pills) on Easter morning but her husband found her Diagnosis changed to Bipolar Disorder and started new medicine but still attempted suicide 2 more times ECT was used as a last resort, it does was antidepressants do but quicker and more effective Weissman et al. Method Longest study with this type of population – longitudinal (following the same people over time) Figure 1 o Age at which major depression occurs o Onset of depression is highest in the 15-20 range regardless of whether the
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Unformatted text preview: parents have depression o Rates are higher in kids with depressed parents Figure 2 o In children with depressed parents, females have a cumulative higher rate of depression o Males have more of a steady increase of depressive rates Myths about Suicide Myths o People who talk about suicide wont do it o Suicide committed without warning o Suicidal people want to die o People who use low lethal means are not serious Science o Up to of those who commit suicide, communicate first o Usually many warnings, comments, unexpected gifts o Most people are thankful when suicide is prevented o Many people do not well understand lethality...
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