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Course Goal: Busting Myths What myths exist about? o What is psychopathology? o How is it caused? o How is it treated? Historical Myths Examples of psychopathology myths: o People with mental illness are possessed o People with mental illness are more violent o Historically, people believed some people with mental illnesses are witches Current Ideas on Mental Illness Scientology views on Mental Illness o Have very clear-stated views o Targets psychiatry as an “industry of death” o Believes psychologists believe in materialism – the principle that all is purely matter – hopes, dreams, love, inspiration – are all chemical reactions in the brain o Fear that religion might disappear because of all these materialistic views Scientific Method Determinism, Empiricism, Parsimony, Testability Theory  Data Characteristics of Stigma (4) 1. Distinguishing label is applied 2. Label refers to undesirable attributes
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3. People with the label are seen as different
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Psychopathology_Fowles_Date_021610 - Course Goal Busting...

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