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What is a Paradigm? (Examples) Global Warming is caused by man-made environmental changes Psychopathology is caused by imbalances in body humors The earth is the center of the universe (Geocentric Model) Current Paradigms: Genetic Heredity plays a roll in most behavior Genes o Carriers of genetic info (DNA) o Impacted by environmental influences E.g. stress, relationships, culture o Relationships b/w genes and environment is bidirectional Nature via Nurture Important Genetic Terms Gene Expression o Proteins influence whether the action of a specific gene will occur Polygenic transmission o Multiple gene pairs vs. single genes Heritability o Extent to which variability in behavior is due to genetic factors o Heritability estimate is from 0 1 Environmental Effects Shared environment o Events and experiences that family members have in common Non-shared environment
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o Events and experiences that are unique to each family member Behavior Genetics
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  • Genetics, post synaptic neuron, pre-synaptic neuron Neurotransmitters, genotype Reciprocal Gene-Environment, Nurture Important Genetic, man-made environmental changes

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Psychopathology_Fowles_Date_022310 - What is a...

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