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Types of Quantity Food Service Menus: 1) Static Menus – use depends on circumstances 2) Cycle Menus – common across a variety of operations 3) A la Carte Menus - what is their role in non-commercial operations? 4) Table d’hôte / Prix Fixe – applicable to a variety of situations 5) Cafeteria, Buffet/Bar Menus 6) Hybrid Menu 7) American Plan/ Modified American Plan 1) Static Menus: Ex: McDonalds Definition: o patrons offered the same foods every day o found in quick service o ethnic restaurants o steak/seafood houses o some school lunch programs Advantages: o Once menu is working it keeps operation simple/easier to run o Customers know what to expect Disadvantages: o Captive audiences resist/complain o Market price fluctuations are hard to address o Employee burnout is common They get bored of making the same food the same way every time 2) Cycle Menus: Definition: o 7, 14, 21 day menu is developed then repeated at the end of the cycle o Found in hospitals, schools, summer camps, some hotels, cruise operations
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Quality Food Service Management_Cole_Date_030910 - Lecture...

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