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CHAPTER 12 - The Fires of Perfection (1820-1850) -pages 235-239 ABOLITIONISM THE BEGINNINGS OF THE ABOLITIONIST MOVEMENT William Lloyd Garrison: -symbolized the transition from a moderate antislavery movement to the militant abolitionism of the 1830s -supported the colonization movement at first: sending blacks to Africa -helped organize the New England Anti-Slavery Society in 1832 Free African Americans: -viewed colonization as proslavery and antiblack WLG’s “The Liberator” (Jan 1831): -rejected gradual emancipation and embraced “immediatism” -denounced colonization as racist and upheld racial equality Other abolitionists: -Wendell Phillips -Lewis Tappan and his brother Arthur -James G. Birney -Angelina and Sarah Grimke Abolitionists: -slavery was a moral question, not economic -institution was a contradiction of the American Revolution principle that all human beings had been created with natural rights Abolitionists condemned because: -it broke up marriages and families by sale -it had harsh punishments -there was a lack of access to education -there was much sexual abuse of black women -it was outrageously contrary to Christian teaching THE SPREAD OF ABOLITIONISM American Anti-Slavery Society (1833): -formed by Garrison, Lewis Tappan and Theodore Weld Abolitionism: -concentrated in the East (New England) -not strong in cities or among businesspeople or workers
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United States History_Martz_Date__050410 - CHAPTER 12 - The...

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