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Class Review for exam Focus on the major themes of each chapter/lecture, not mundane facts Identification Who: colonists looking to push west; Great Britain; French; Indians What: established the geographical boundary Where: Appalachian Mountains When: 1763; after the Seven Years War Why: contributing factor to tensions that caused revolutionary war Diversity -Relative to France an Great Britain, the colonies were very diverse -Within the colonies, there was diversity (rural vs urban) -many different countries of origin within the colonies Lecture Themes: Tobacco American Paradox- people trying to escape oppression at the hands of others suffering -Puritans came to Americas to set up community of religious freedom but they forbid the freedom of religion: Anne Hutchinson and those that fled to Rhode Island Outside Readings-relationships between English and colonies Don’t focus on the colonies before the Europeans arrived (Olmecs, Aztecs) How revolutionary was the war? (4 interpretations)
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Unformatted text preview: Shift from indentured servitude to slaves Enlightenments significance in the history of the colonies Mercantilism; Imperialism Great Awakening Thirty Years War-Relative peace and stability emerged afterwards; servants were no longer interested in being in servitude Economy: effects of trade and commerce on the colonies Ebenezer MacIntosh:-poor shoemaker; someone not among the elite who was affected by the Acts being put into place in the colonies; example of the way in which there was a growing consciousness among colonists that they were separate from the mother country Significance of Bacons Rebellion-prompted employers to start looking for alternative sources of labor; indentured servants got land when they were freed, which created competition among land owners-continued to spread apart poor farmers and wealthy planters Thomas Paine and Common Sense...
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United States History_Martz_Date_031810 - Shift from...

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