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Western Civilization 1648 to the Present_Cruz_Date_032310_61

Western Civilization 1648 to the...

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Napoleon Continued A Child of the French Revolution Social backgrounds and military career Personality The Revolution a Window of Opportunities General Lazare Hoche started as a stable – boy Army Corporal in 1789 Michel Ney o The son of a cooper o Marshall of France (There were only eighteen) o 1 st Duc d’Elchingen, 1 st Prince de la Moskowa Napoleon o Father was a lawyer o Paris Military Academy Graduated in 1785 ranking forty – second in a class of fifty – eight o Napoleon’s ascent in Revolutionary Wars after 1792 December 22 nd , 1973 Bonaparte, age 24, was promoted to brigadier general for his role in the defense of Toulon from British attacks o Napoleon’s Personality Photographic memory High Power of Concentration: Capable of going to the heart of complex problems and bringing about rapid resolutions Energetic Hyperactive; man of action Enlightened mentality Charismatic: Great communicator Possessed some kind of sweetness to convince Leadership
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Ambitious His role - models were Alexander the Great, Julius Cesar, and Charlemagne Self-sufficient; excess of self-confidence Impatient Arrogant
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