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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Introduction to Spinal Anatomy s Spine made up from – – – – – 7 cervical 12 thoracic 5 lumbar 5 fused sacral 4 fused rudimentary bones that form the coccyx Curves of the Curves of the spine s s s Cervical lordosis but with upper cervical kyphosis (C0/1/2) Lumbar lordosis Thoracic kyphosis Structure of a typical lumbar Structure of a typical lumbar vertebrae s s Spinous and transverse processes Joints s s s Pedicles Body Lamina – facet (zygopophyseal) – interbody Structure of a typical lumbar vertebrae s s s Large discs for weight bearing and shock absorbing Large Joints that limit movement Small range of overall movement Structure of a typical thoracic vertebrae s s s s Longer and more vertical spinous processes Smaller Thinner discs Facets for rib articulations Structure of a typical cervical vertebrae s s s s s Smaller & thinner discs Smaller processes Different orientation of joints Foramen transversarium for vertebral artery Uncovertebral joints Structure of atypical cervical vertebrae s Atlas and Axis s s s Pivot Joint Mainly rotation about odontoid peg Integrity of joint maintained by strong ligaments – (C1 & 2) no disc Sacrum Sacrum s s s Fused vertebrae Sacral foramen for sacral nerve roots Form part of sacro­ iliac joint Intervertebral Intervertebral foramen s Foramen – formed between the pedicles above and below – the vertebral body and discs in front – the joint behind Intervertebral foramen s Contains – nerve root and sinuvertebral nerve – blood vessels – lymphatic vessels – fat Intervertebral foramen s s Nerve root occupies 1/3 of the space in the intervertebral foramen Contains the dorsal root ganglion Cervical Intervertebral Cervical Intervertebral foramen s s Nerve roots run in gutters Close to uncovertebral joint and vertebral artery Vertebral Vertebral artery s Blood supply to the brain with the internal carotid arteries ...
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