The Nervous System (students) sohp soton

The Nervous System (students) sohp soton - The Nervous...

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Unformatted text preview: The Nervous System The Dr Sil Wallach Learning Outcomes Learning Outline the basic anatomy of the nervous system Understand anatomical divisions: Understand – Central nervous system – Peripheral nervous system Understand functional divisions: – Somatic nervous system – Autonomic nervous system Explain the functions of the major structures of Explain the nervous system the Anatomical divisions Anatomical CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM BRAIN SPINAL CORD PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM CRANIAL NERVES To & from brain SPINAL NERVES To & from spinal cord The nervous system The brain spinal cord peripheral nerves Role of the nervous system Role To monitor the internal and external environment To of the body of To process this information To direct behaviour and body processes Functional divisions Functional Somatic nervous system: voluntary, controls skeletal muscle Autonomic nervous system: involuntary, controls smooth muscle Neurons Neurons Features of the PNS (1) Features peripheral nerve Structure of a Structure peripheral nerve peripheral epineurium perineurium nerve fibre endoneurium Bundles of axons Bundles packaged together packaged Carry motor, sensory Carry and autonomic info and myelin sheath axon Features of the PNS (2) Features Nerve Afferent Efferent Ganglion Features of the PNS (3) Features Features of the CNS: Brain (1) Features grey matter white matter Brain (2) Brain cerebral hemisphere cerebellum brainstem Brain (3) Brain Brain (4) Brain touch, pain, temperature sensation planning, emotion, mood, behaviour, motor function, smell vision hearing, language, memory basic body functions balance, coordination Meninges Meninges Brain ventricles Brain Produce and contain CSF CSF circulates to subarachnoid space Spinal cord (1) Spinal Spinal cord (2) Spinal a = ganglion vertebral body spinal cord nerve root a intervertebral foramen Summary Summary Know the meaning of: Somatic Autonomic Axon Dendrite Epineurium Perineurium Endoneurium Nerve Afferent Efferent Ganglion Plexus Know what these do: Brain stem (medulla, pons, midbrain) Cerebellum Cerebral hemispheres Thalamus Hypothalamus Meninges (pia, arachnoid, dura) CSF Ventricles ...
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