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022 - BCHM 56’” A EXAM ill"— 3 Fall 2009 Please...

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Unformatted text preview: BCHM 56’” * A EXAM ill."— 3 Fall 2009 Please write legibly in the space provided. if additionalspaeenis needed to write your answers, use the back of the pages provided making sure you include the question number. The total points assigned to each question are enclosed in brackets. There are a total of 200 points. There may be more than one correct selection for multiple choice questions. Circle all correct choices. ENZYME MECHANISMS AND REGULATION (Chapters 9 and 1.0) 1. [4] Briefly describe the events that occur at the active site of an enzyme that uses covalent catalysis to form and stabilize the transition state. 3* COMM catatxl s. mama. Wrmat 0. cmWri-t 3033M Wfirfi , . \.tr&‘\\'\!ti’l§’i\ . -.l\&\\ngAr> WW3 ~' #2 [6?de names mylfiaataps 33AM (A)H do Mg2+ ions enhanc catalysis by adenylate kinase? 5* at was thaw—tad Im MNEX» ,445 .2. «yr»; 34‘3"“ ’\ (Naps 'on e? W MP emf)” WW Mime Is‘éfiaévfiz (B) Do Mg2+ ions play a similar role In the reaction catalyzed by protein kinases? \iefi 3 [6] (A) Briefly, describe the key characteristics of an allosteric enzyme. *hlloara/‘Ic amt/mas MP Y‘E%\l\0-¥L 8%va mama Mara (Jaws “ xi! , - use $31,?me KIM-CS : coma/aw It bi gafia l “amok/23m ~ ' I . q ‘T 3 S 44.4 I 5% WW I (B) Explain how measuring the rate of an enzyme at varying substrate concentrations might reveal y», WOWI/I r061 a? CM CVWW‘Q at w [s3 Wtaxl veueal OMW “é 3683319330“ bcmuse bW‘ONNV‘é/aat“ OM 0C+§i§3i3fl 3 \Iocmal \‘Iaduoe 333303330ng 066le 3d 3 $0M as [3] *Cotlmé swam d3wgmm 1939M hams 0&ng agutamd / ll ...
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