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Office "Grapevine": Functions and dysfunctions of organization grapevine Sometimes the office grapevine can be used to provide important information and other times it can be used to distribute negative information. Negative meaning things that may be false, misleading, or hurtful to others. A positive way the grapevine can be used is for carrying on vital data. These are the ways I see office grapevine as being functional and dysfunctional. After conducting research these are the ways about.com believes the office grapevines functions and dysfunctions are: Of course, damaging gossip is unwelcome anywhere. As is gossip that spreads false information. Office gossip, though, can have its place and can be beneficial. That's right beneficial. In many workplaces information isn't very forthcoming. The office grapevine is the only conduit for carrying important news. When that is the case, everyone can
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Unformatted text preview: benefit from paying careful attention to the bits of data that trickle down the grapevine (McKay, 2009). Honestly no workplace grapevine or gossip is healthy for the employees’ environment. This is a major distraction and people will come to work for a purpose that is not solely for work, only to gossip. Many of times I have seen this and its negative, nothing about this type of gossip from my stand point has ever been positive. Especially, when the wrong information is passed down from one individual to the next. As an employee, or boss, I would never encourage this in the workplace. Mckay, D. (2009) Does gossip have a place at work? Retrieved from http://careerplanning.about.com/od/bosscoworkers/a/gossip.htm on December 7, 2009...
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