Leadership indidcations - several indicators of leader...

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several indicators of leader effectiveness that were found to be associated with variations in leader behavior. Write a summary of the team's perspectives and post this in your team area in doc sharing. Leaders take on certain qualifications that allow him or her to be an effective leader. This type of individual will have the ability to communicate well with others, not only give a presentation, but are confident, and communication is very clear to individuals taking on specific tasks. There 3 indicators of an effective leader the first has to do with morale. The morale of the team is very important when its high the l ow many times everyday are you asked, how is the organization doing? Corporate level managers are looking at numbers typically which is one source but numbers don't tell the entire story. There is a tool you can use yourself to evaluate the Leadership being provided to your team. The first area is Morale, at which level is overall morale of your team. If it's high that is great but if it is medium to low then you need to start digging and find out why. Is there a leader that s
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Leadership indidcations - several indicators of leader...

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