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Leadership is a Process - as a process that encourages the...

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Leadership 1 Leadership as a Process Leadership as a process
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Leadership 2 Leadership can be considered to be a process for a number of reasons. The first being individuals have to recognize the approach they want to use as leader. The followers of this leader must be influenced by the director. As leader he or she has to be ready for whatever circumstances that may arise in a business, city, state, or country. As a leader this does not mean putting employees down or making them feel less of an individual because of their known standards. This means executing goals, persistence, passion, and hard work in order achieve the goals intended ( Kurnik, 2010) Leadership is a process that can have long term positive, or negative effect on others, depending on the type of leadership implemented. From the readings I have learned that just because one is a boss of an establishment this does not mean you will withhold leadership standards. Everyone that is a boss is not always a great leader. Thus, leadership will be aptly defined
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Unformatted text preview: as a process that encourages the followers to achieve their objectives; one can also define leadership as an action that directs the followers to lead a respectable and honorable life (Kurnik, 2010). In order to become a leader if this is the approach a person wants to take, he or she has to be given the chance to lead as well gradually learn this as a self-study or by education. As many great leaders have done they learned from others and taught themselves first before taking on the real thing. These are the reasons why leadership can be seen as a process rather than a role an individual partakes. There are steps taken in order to gain a leadership role, and the main aspect is to have confidence in being able to accomplish specific goals for followers. Reference Leadership 3 Kurnik,E. (2010) Define leadership. Retrieved on January 19, 2010 from http://hubpages.com/hub/Define-Leadership...
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