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Media 1 Media Comparisons Paper University of Phoenix Media Comparisons Paper The following assignment will compare and contrast how the media targets prospective clients in the print media and online customers. I will provide examples as to how the
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Media 2 media produces attention grabbing ads to in order to attract the eye of potential customers. As patrons we sit at home and watch television and there are always commercials depicting low prices of a specific product in today’s market. Everyone loves a bargain, a sale, or plain and simply a deal. With the high gas prices in society, all other resources seem to have gone up within the economy. What do customers do? Go out; shop around find sale prices, on food, clothing, and basic needs in our home environment. Well, then here comes that commercial or pop up ad online with all the possessions a consumer needs in one shopping location saying, “Save Money, Live Better”! Guess who? None other than the rollback man himself, at Wal-Mart, which claims to have some of the lowest prices around. Sam Walton founder of Wal-Mart had the vision to give customers what they want which is everything. The store provides plenty of high quality merchandise at a reasonably low price. The first Wal-Mart store was built in Rogers, Arkansas in 1962. (Wal-Mart store, 2008) Five years later there were 24 more stores produced. Today Wal-Mart gives shoppers of course low prices, but they are also able to enjoy the shopping experience on the net. was founded in January of 2000 which provides over a 1 million
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Media Comparisons - Media 1 Media Comparisons Paper...

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