OD Unit 2 - Organizational Development 1 Organization...

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Organizational Development 1 Organization Development Unit 2 University of Everest
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Organizational Development 2 Organizational Development Diagnosis is the process of collecting information about a client system and working collaboratively with it to understand the system’s current function. Diagnosis follows entry and contracting, and preceded action planning and implementation. Diagnosis is expected to point to possible interventions to address system effectiveness. (Cumming, Worley, 2009) Models are needed in order to figure out what areas to collect and analyze certain information. A model pinpoints specific features of the organization as well as depict the relationship between the two. This is a way to figure out which areas need to be assessed in the establishment in order to conclude how the organization is functioning. The diagnostic process finds the causes of issues at the group level to be the fact that individual-based, forced ranking, performance appraisal and reward systems tend to interfere
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OD Unit 2 - Organizational Development 1 Organization...

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