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Personal Work Environment - Personal Work Environment...

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Personal Work Environment Personal Work Environment Paper August 4, 2008 Personal Work Environment Paper
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Personal Work Environment The following document will analyze the amount of communication, types, options, and speed of contact used between myself and employees in my place of work. A brief summary of the chapter will also be reviewed. Currently my position held is a Special Education Aide, which deals with students who may have special needs in certain curriculum activities such as: Math, English, Spelling and Science. The age range is 5-10 years most students in special needs has a form called an IEP form or Individual Education Program. I started the position at the end of the school year, which was odd that the school district even needed help so late in the year. There is plenty of communication between myself and other co-workers. Whether there are meetings before class, after school or during day’s students have no school for teacher conferences. There is always some form of contact between myself and staff members. The types of communication are either by email, telephone, or face to face communication. In some circumstances teachers may not attend meetings because of
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