Syllabus 156 Spring 2009

Syllabus 156 Spring 2009 - Evolution of Human Behavior ANTH...

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1 Evolution of Human Behavior ANTH 156 (Call No. 30062) Spring 2009 Syllabus Lecture TR 3.00-4.15 PM MND 4008 Instructor: Dr. Roger Sullivan Office: MND 4024 Office Hours: Wednesday 9.00-12.00, or by appointment. Phone: 278-4083 E-mail: Web page: Catalog Description ANTH156. Evolution of Human Behavior. Introduction to the application of evolutionary theory to human behavior and psychology. Reviews and contrasts contemporary perspectives of human behavioral evolution with emphasis on insights from the emerging field of evolutionary psychology. Topics include human behavior and cognition as adaptations, "selfish genes," game theory, evolution of social behavior, evolution of altruism, human mating strategies, parenting, behavioral disorders, evolution of the life cycle, human behavioral ecology, Darwinian medicine, and evolutionary psychology. Prerequisite: ANTH 001, BIO 010, BIO 011, or PSYC 001 recommended. 3 units. Required Texts 1. Cartwright J. 2008. Evolution and Human Behavior. 2nd Edition. Cambridge: The MIT Press. 2. Dawkins R. 1976/1999. The Selfish Gene. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Recommended Text* Gangestad SW, Simpson JA. 2007. The Evolution of Mind. New York: The Guilford Press. * required for graduate students Required Readings Available on LOCUS and at the Reserve Book Room. Course Requirements : ANTH 156 is reading and writing intensive with the objective of encouraging critical thinking about, and engagement with, the course content. Assessment consists of one essay (25%), three written exams (75%), and consideration of your class participation and record of attendance. Course materials include substantial required reading and you are expected to read the assigned articles before class so that you can participate in class discussion. Essay (25%) The essay will address a question about the history of ideas about human behavior, or about the evolution of human behavioral adaptations. A choice of essay questions/topics and further details will be provided on the class webpage (see address above). The essay is due in class on Tuesday May 5. NO LATE ESSAYS ACCEPTED. The essay will be a minimum of six and maximum of eight double-spaced pages, 12-point font, 1" margins, excluding references and title page. For graduate students only, the essay will be a minimum of ten and maximum of twelve double-spaced pages
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2 Exams (75%) There will be three written exams comprised of short answer/essay questions and each is worth 25% of your final grade. Exams one and two will be conducted in class time and exam three will be held during Finals Week. All exams will be timed at one hour. The exams will be based on lecture content, textbook readings and additional required readings, and are non-cumulative. Study guides will be made available
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Syllabus 156 Spring 2009 - Evolution of Human Behavior ANTH...

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