HalfMoonLake.pdf - Promotional Campaign Proposal Half Moon Lake Rebranded MARK3377 A01 Prepared by Marta Baher Kelsey Bodnar Jill Bowman Anna Vincent

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Promotional Campaign Proposal Half Moon Lake Rebranded MARK3377 A01 Prepared by: Marta Baher, Kelsey Bodnar Jill Bowman Anna Vincent Prepared for: Teresa Sturgess April 7, 2016 Edmonton, AB
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Executive Summary Within this paper is a comprehensive briefing document, containing the details of initial meetings, interviews, and information regarding Half Moon Lake Resort and its industry as well as a proposal including strategies and tactics which are explained thoroughly. Lastly, the execution techniques are included with all relevant budget and vendor contact information. Through analysis and research, it was discovered which business problems would be addressed through the campaign. The key issue is a misconception about the resort. The past owners had mismanaged the resort, leaving customers unwilling to return. The resort itself was unclean and rundown. In addition, management’s interactions with customers were often negative. The resort is now under new ownership and management, and requires a new brand identity. The proposed campaign will spread awareness of the rehabilitated resort. The communication objectives are to increase brand awareness, to generate brand purchase intention and to alter brand attitudes towards the resort. These objectives will be targeted to a specific audience: families with children with identified lifestyle, interests, income and geographic locations. The creative theme will engage the target audience through an emotional appeal. A direct mail campaign will be specifically targeted using geo locations to encourage response rates. It will contain an offer of a free day pass to encourage nonusers, encourage repeat purchase, and to get past users to try the upgraded resort. This medium will be supported with billboards, paid social media advertising, search engine marketing and remarketing. Google Analytics, Google Alerts and online reservation forms will be used to measure the success of each medium. The campaign will be supported with a new website design where a blog and an events calendar have been recommended. The total budget allotted to Zest is $38,000. This entire budget has been allocated, with additional recommendations for long term success if additional budget were to be available.
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