Week 7 Assignment Hispanic American Diversity

Week 7 Assignment Hispanic American Diversity - Diversity 1...

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Diversity Hispanic American Diversity Venus Rivera ETH 125 July 4, 2010 Sara Mehrabani 1
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The linguistic, political, social, economical, religious, and familial statuses of Mexican Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, Cuban Americans, and Dominican Americans gives insight on the relations between Hispanic Americans and the United States on the topic of Hispanic American diversity. The migration of Hispanic cultures to the United States is met with mixed reviews, dividing and uniting Americans on bilingualism and bicultural heritage issues. Mexican Americans migrated to the United States to escape the poverty of Mexico and to better their lives. In arriving to the United States, Mexicans faced discrimination because of their race and the lack of speaking and/or understanding English. The Mexican American involvement in politics is restricted because of the discrimination. “Throughout the history of immigration to America, Mexicans seem to have made little progress in moving up from immigrant status to mainstream social status” (Tate, 2008). Mexican Americans mostly speak Spanish and are hired to work for less than minimum wage. Mexican families are close knit and mainly Catholic but Mexican American families are poverty stricken and deprived of proper educational and employment opportunities. American citizens complain of the high increase of Mexican Americans because of the recession, the lack of employment opportunities, and the legality of each Mexican person. The United States government tries to resolve the issue but new legislation never comes to fruition. The relationship between Mexican Americans and Americans is controversial because of the mixed reviews on whether Mexican migration should continue. Americans want to decrease the amount of Mexicans allowed to enter the United States while Americans prefer to hire Mexican Americans because of the cheap cost of labor. The inability to speak English is a liability when it comes to educational opportunities but an
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Week 7 Assignment Hispanic American Diversity - Diversity 1...

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