PHYS_41_-_Exam_2_Make-Up - Physics 41 Fall 2009 Conceptual:...

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Physics 41 Exam 2 Make-Up ~W(/6"f"U?K?5 Fall 2009 Conceptual: 1. The capacitance of a system depends only on the geometry of the conductors. •—v /* f\ £~ /I o r ^v T* i L* rl I *^ » -i.^ - t? / ^ Lrue)or False j' *-" ~ " / T* r 2. A capacitor C vi has a charge Q". The actual charges on its plates are: a) Q,Q /0 b) Q/2,Q/2 C = jt d) Q/2,-Q/2 ^ e) Q,0 3. If the potential difference across a single capacitor is doubled, by what factor does the stored energy in the capacitor change? a) the energy remains the same - -,-r b) the new energy is twice the original U. 6 = J- C.v 0 •=? \A.£ ~ -i ^ -f c) the new energy is three times the original the new energy is four times the original \A r. ~ e) the new energy is eight times the original -ir a) none of the above (J( » - 4 ( {C /^^f Lf £ 4. If the space between the plates of a capacitor is completely filled with a dielectric material, the capacitance C is increased by a factor K, called the dielectric constant. False 5. The average drift speed of electrons moving in a wire when the wire is hooked up to a voltage source such as a car battery is very close to the speed of light, Trueorate v ^ 6. Which process will double the power given off by a resistor? a) doubling the current while doubling the resistance (b)) doubling the current by making a resistance half as big 2,P - - C»r c) doubling the current by doubling the voltage
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PHYS_41_-_Exam_2_Make-Up - Physics 41 Fall 2009 Conceptual:...

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