Lab06s10 - ESE 382 Spring 10, Ken Short Laboratory 6: Event...

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1 ESE 382 Spring 10, Ken Short Laboratory 6: Event Driven Simulation To be performed the week starting March 14th Prerequisite Reading 1. Chapter 6 and Sections 7.1 through 7.9 of the text. 2. HDL Debugging (in the Course Documents > Aldec Tutorials folder on Blackboard). 3. Using Aldec Design Flow with Synplify - movie 4. Using Aldec Design Flow for Implementation - movie Purpose The purpose of this laboratory is to allow you to further explore the operation of an event driven VHDL simulator. A through understanding of the simulator’s capabilities allows you to use it to develop a clearer understanding of the semantics of VHDL instructions by simulating their execu- tion. Of course, the other reason you want to understand the simulator is so that you can use it for its primary purpose, verifying and debugging your programs. Before you perform these simulations you should carefully read the application note HDL Debug- ging . Design Tasks Task1: Mixed Style Architecture Half Adder For the design description in Listing 2.6.5 of the text for a mixed style architecture half adder, draw and label the simulation processes net that you expect would result from the elaboration of this design. Use the testbench in Listing 7.9.1 to verify your design. This testbench applies all possible binary input combinations, in sequence, to the UUT and verifies the UUT’s outputs. Write a process to represent each simulation process in your simulation processes net. Create a workspace named lab06_s10 and name this design ha_mixed_simnet . Function- ally simulate the design. In addition to creating a Waveform Editor window for the simulation, also create a Listing window. The Listing window lists the values of the signals during the simula- tion cycles. Signals to appear in the Waveform Editor window and the Listing window can be
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Lab06s10 - ESE 382 Spring 10, Ken Short Laboratory 6: Event...

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