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Study Questions for Week 2 - Class Version - What is the...

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STUDY QUESTIONS FOR WEEK 2: 1. Review the ΔH for C-C and C-H oxidation. 2. Calculate the ΔH for the complete oxidation of glucose. Try other molecules as well. 3. Proteins can be “flexible”. What does this mean? Use specific examples. 4. What is a Zwitterion? 5. What is an example of a “unique” amino acid? Explain why it is so “unique”. 6. Which amino acids are polar? Which amino acids are nonpolar? What do these characteristics say about the potential location of these amino acids in a protein? 7. Which amino acids have ionizable R groups? 8. Draw a peptide bond between Y and W. Note the location of the peptide bond. 9. Draw a hexapeptide of any amino acid composition. Note the location of all peptide bonds and R groups. 10. You have isolated a protein that contains 9,000 amino acids.
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Unformatted text preview: What is the approximate size of this protein in Daltons and kDa? 11. You run an SDS-PAGE gel in lab and notice a very prominent band at 250 kDa. Approximately how many amino acids do you predict are in this protein? 12. Briefly describe the nature of the peptide bond. 13. Draw a dipeptide (your choice of amino acids) in both Trans and Cis conformations. 14. What atoms are involved in the hydrogen bonding that drives the formation of the alpha helix secondary structure? What is the H-bonding rule? 15. Provide a specific example discussed in class of how the “Awesome Power of Genomics” can be utilized to improve the lives of humans. Problems at the end of Chapter 2 p. 63-64 (Stryer, 6 th ed.): #1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 11, 13...
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Study Questions for Week 2 - Class Version - What is the...

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