genetic review - 1200 genes in human genome 50,000 proteins...

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Haplosufficient Haploinsufficient Aa= wildtype all need is one good copy haplosufficient one can do it Aa = deficient if only one can do it if stoichemetric haploinsufficient one cant do it Exons and Introns Eurkaryotes only and very few bacteria Nascent Transcript – newly made RNA transcript Go 5’ to 3’ Places throughout that are meaningful that are directions in making proteins exon Things that separate it are considered junk dna and introns Mature MRNA is just exons all introns removed Introns are there so cell has options like put exon 1 and exon 3 together get rid of 2
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Unformatted text preview: 1200 genes in human genome 50,000 proteins Sister Chromatids is the 1 chromosoe that replicated and held together by centromere Homologous pair is one that is same as sister chromatids but aren’t connected so sisters and sisters are homologous Chromo 1 has homologous pair that is partner Chromo 1 S- Phase Replication now have 2 copies of every chromosome We have 2 sets of sister chromatids and they are homologous pair to each other...
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