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s07-quiz4-solution - E CE 1 08 Quiz#4 M Wednesday ay 30...

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ECE 108 Quiz #4 Wednesday, May 30 Spring 2007 You are reminded that academic dishonesty will NOT be tolerated. You have 50 minutes to complete the quiz. This is a closed book exam. No reference material of anv kind can be used. Question Your points Out of I t2 2 8 Total 20 Name Student ID Signature So l,rh-nn For this quiz, assume that the transistor sizing is done in such a manner that every inverting stage hasthe same delay (forboth rising and falling), unless otherwise noted. You need not be concerned about the transistor sizing. (
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1.,(12 points) Design a falling-edge triggered toggle FF using various styles given below. The next state of the T-FF is determinedby the equation: Q+ : T Q Q. That is: if 7 : 1 when the clock falls, the next state of the FF is Q-; if T :0 when the clock falls, the next state of the FF is the sameas the current state Q. Minimize the number of transistors. (a) (4 points) Use a dynamic master-slave configuration made out of nMOS pass transis- tors and static gates. Assume that two non-overlapping phases of the clock (h
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