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MGB 301: Organizational Behavior Course Syllabus for Section MGB301 F1B FALL 2009 110 JACOBS; T R, 9:30 AM - 10:50 AM Instructor : Dr. Prasad Balkundi TA: None Office : Jacobs 274 Office Hours : M 11:00 AM to12:00 PM Phone : (716) 645 3250 E - mail : Website : Text Book Don Hellriegel , John W. Slocum . 2009 . Organizational Behavior, South Western Educational Publishing Course Overview Management 301 will introduce students to the basic concepts and theories of organizational behavior. Students will learn about the individual, group, and organizational processes that influence human behavior in organizations. This course will cover traditional OB topics such as motivation, leadership, and culture as well as highlight issues that are important for any successful future business leader to know and understand such as diversity, quality, technology, globalization, and ethics. There are three main objectives for this course: 1) Students will learn the concepts and theories of organizational behavior and use them as a base for advanced coursework in Management; 2) Students will develop skills to maintain a positive attitude in the work place. 3) Students will be able to transfer and apply the material in this course to their “real life” experiences in organizations; 4) By developing an understanding of OB, students will become better prepared for their careers as employees and managers in organizations. Grading Students will be graded on exams, group assignments, email submissions and attendance. Attendance points will be earned at random through pop quizzes. There will be four exams covering topics from class lectures, corresponding chapters from the textbook, case studies, videos, and other material introduced in class. The exams will include multiple-choice
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This note was uploaded on 08/30/2010 for the course MGA 311 taught by Professor Jansima during the Spring '09 term at SUNY Buffalo.

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mgb301fallf1b2009syllbus - MGB 301: Organizational Behavior...

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