lecture29-apr9 - Lecture 29 Announcements Monday lectures...

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4/9/10 1 Lecture 29 Announcements Monday lectures cancelled • Exam 2 - back – High = 99 – Low = 17.5 – Median = 74.5 – Average = 73.5 • Assignment 6 Last time we learned how to: Shift bit values left and right Set, clear, toggle and test Single bits within a value Bit Felds within a value Topics of the day More Low level programming Bit structure operations Examples – parity checker Swap the bytes example unsigned short int i , high_byte, low_byte; scanf (“%hu”, &i); high_byte = i << 8; low_byte = i >> 8; i = high_byte | low_byte; Other ways??? Rotate i by 8 bits (left or right) ?? unsigned short int rotate(unsigned short int value, int numbits, char direction); How do you swap the upper and lower bytes of a 16 bit value ? Bit-±ields in Structures A structure may contain bit-Felds—members whose size is speciFed as some number of bits. E.g. some OS’s stores Fle dates as struct Fle_date { unsigned int day: 5; unsigned int month: 4; unsigned int year: 7; /* last 2 digits of year – e.g. 2010 -> 10 */ }; The order in which bit-Felds are allocated within a storage unit depends on the implementation (e.g.Visual C/C++ allocates right to left). – Basic storage units are typically bytes and words A bit-Feld can be used just like any other element of a structure: struct Fle_date fd;
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lecture29-apr9 - Lecture 29 Announcements Monday lectures...

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